Saturday, February 25, 2012

PT Day #2

Okay... it is day number two of potty training.
(post on Sarah's birthday coming soon... just need to unwind about this first)

I know potty training takes time... but I just wanted to post how it has been going.

We woke up and I pushed up my sleeves ready to tackle potty training today.
*husky voice*
"Let's DO this!"

Here is Abby getting the run down on the day.
Potty Party!

I have a movie that Sarah loved for potty training. 
It is called "Potty Power" it is extremely annoying great.
It really isn't that bad. Just poor acting, and songs that get stuck in your head...all day. 
Like the "What do you like to do when your sitting on the potty?" song. 
That is Abby's favorite. She sings it. 
"Sittin'...on...the potty"

Drink up girlie... we got to have lots of opportunities to figure out what is going on.

Well, while I had Abby just sit on the potty and watch shows she went tinkle twice. 
We celebrated.

Had a little dance party to get really excited about it. 

So then I got brave and let her get up and play with pants up.
No success at all. 
A couple of times she had accidents she stripped down and got new pants on.
But there were a few times she just walked funny and kept the wet pants on. 

Last night after I was cleaning up a stinky mess with her. I asked her if she wanted to put on some clean princess panties. She told me she wanted horsey panties. We don't have any horsey panties. But she was convinced we did so I asked her to show me. Well... she ran over and grabbed her diaper that has a Zebra on the front. Oh, boy.

So this morning we went over panties verses diapers.
I got her princess dolly and we pretended to pull off her panties and sat her on the potty. And then she went "tinkle" (I had a little cup of water that I dumped in the potty to make the noise."
We cheered and celebrated and then the dolly got to put on a princess dress because she was a big girl now.
We now have Abby's favorite dress hanging up in the bathroom.
We'll see if that is incentive enough.

I'll be honest though.
I'm tired. There have been a lot of really late nights this past week. 
I need a nap. 

I'm going to keep trying. 
My goal is to make it a week... and if she still isn't getting it, wait longer. 
I really would love for this to catch on, I'm tired of cleaning up the messes that come from Abby taking off her own stinky diapers. 
So cross your fingers for me. 

Oh... and what is your advice. 
We have church tomorrow. I'd love to just take her in panties and bring changes of clothes... but that could be messy in the nursery. If she doesn't go by herself today, should I take her in a pull-up? Or will that ruin any possible progress we've made?


Deb said...

All I can say is good luck. I have no advice...yet. We're in the throws of it too. :)

Karah said...

When I took my kids to nursery in the midst of potty training (at the beginning anyway) I had them wear a pull-up over their underwear. That way they still got the wet/yucky feeling next to them, but didn't risk messes in the nursery. I also had them go potty when I dropped them off and also stopped in to help them go in between 2nd and 3rd hour. Good luck! I'll try to give you some extra-encouraging smiles tomorrow :)

LauraD said...

I diaper while at church. Today he told his sunday school teacher he had to go potty! It seems like days get better, and then waay worse. But now they're getting better again. We had #2 accidents all week except for today (yay!)and I think he's finally getting it. I hope. I love your idea for the potty party. Good luck!!!