Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Poor Abby

So many of you already know about this... but I haven't told the blog... so here we go.

The last weekend in January we made a temple trip, blogged about HERE. 
On the long drive home Abby wasn't her usual perky self. I was assuming it was because she was tired from traveling. The girls were up late, and I was exhausted, so on the drive home we decided it would be best for me to stay home (although, secretly in my head, my plan was to bounce out of bed early Sunday morning, get the girls and I dressed and ready for, yeah. That didn't happen.).

It ended up being a good thing because Abby became very fevered all Sunday long. I was bracing myself with throw up buckets never more than an arms length away. But she never got sick to her stomach. Well, she did throw up once, with perfect timing I might add. I had answered my door and was trapped talking to a solicitor. Abby walked up, fussing and insisted I hold her. Just as I picked her up, she gagged and then... yup. All over me and the door. I'll never forget how big the eyes of that solicitor got. Makes me laugh to think about it. It was the perfect way out of talking to her. hehe.

Anyway. Abby's fever persisted several days.
Finally on Thursday morning (the 2nd) we took her in to urgent care. 
No, Ryan took her in as I went to drop Sarah off at preschool.
Poor, poor Abby. 
They had to put a catheter in to get a urine sample (so wish she was potty trained, *sigh*).
I'm so glad it was Ryan and not me. I get weepy just thinking about how terrifying that must have been for her. 
We had to wait several days to hear back if the culture was positive for a UTI, but started her on antibiotics immediately. 
Test results came in and it was positive.
No. Fun.

Although, there is a plus side to everything. Yes, Abby is a little more cranky than usual, and has had a lot of rough moments. But, for the most part she has been just tired. Will put herself down for naps and then go to bed with ease as well. 

See exhibit A:

Abby will find a pillow and curl up and crash. It has made this transition from 2 to 3 quite nice when she is sleeping most of the day. Kind of feel guilty for enjoying her recovery time so much. 

Sorry you've been feeling so yucky... hopefully soon you'll be back to your bouncy, twirly, giggly self.

On a completely different note.
I found this really cool thing on Pinterest.
You empty the contents of a glowstick into a jar with glitter dust and it looks like fairies in a jar.
My eyes sparkled at the sight of it and I fell in love... it was so magical.
Must recreate.
well that was the picture some one photoshopped posted on line.

We tried it ourselves today. 
These are the results we got.

A glowing slime jar. 

Doesn't look magical at all.
*sad face*

I'm a bit concerned that Sarah and I are going to turn into Ninja Turtles or something.
Sarah would love that... She's really into Ninjas.

Oh well. We got pretty excited about it. 
Sarah is still too little to know how much of a let down this really was. 

Dirty Rotten Pinterest Liars. 


Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

Liars.... Ha ha, made me laugh. Also funny about the part where you said Sarah would actually like being turned into a ninja turtle. Poor Abby... They had to take a pee sample of Adalyn once with a catheter and she was not very happy about but at least she is unaware of things like that. Hopefully Abby was ok with getting that done and that she will get feeling better soon!

Deb said...

Oh no. The catheter part makes me sad! They tried putting one in Emmy a while ago when she had the flu and thought she might have a UTI. She screamed so hard they couldn't get it in and it took every ounce of me not to break into tears right there. What a sad thing. Poor Abby! Hope she'll feel better soon!

Brittany said...

Sad day! Poor sweet Abby! After I had Caleb, I had to self cath for a few months, and it was rotten. I'm sure that must have scared her. hope she is doing better by now. Oh, adn the pinterest thing? Very disappointing. But that jar was glowing quite a bit, so that's pretty cool, depending on how many glow sticks you had to break to make it that bright that is. :)