Friday, February 24, 2012

Lil' Mommy

Abby loves to help take care of Zak.
Sometimes she doesn't quite know how.
Covering him up with a blankie... completely.
Giving him his "plug"... and gagging him.
Trying to soothe him... by "patting" his tummy (more like whacking).

She is so sweet, and I love to listen to her talk to him, 
"Awe... buddy, its okay. Awe, buddy."

So, when I was ready to fed Zak yesterday and he was still snoozing away I decided to pump and let Abby feed him when he woke up. It was so fun!

She felt so special getting to feed Zak.

Although, toward the end she got a little bored.
I know how you feel Abby.

Thanks for helping out Abby! 
You are a great big sister and I love how willing you are to help with everything. 
I love you!


Em said...

I am just chuckling inside because this would never have happened with any of my boys. They are just wired so differently!