Sunday, February 12, 2012

4-5 Inches


Sarah got a new haircut.
(G'mas... please don't kill me) 

Yup, it is short... but oh so fun and cute.

Her hair used to be down to her lower back, almost to her lil' bum.
Not any more. 

Want to know what Sarah's favorite part is?

Shaking her head to make her hair fly out. 
I'm constantly seeing her toss her hair and hold her head differently. 
She really enjoys it. 

Here is a picture (not the best) from a couple of weeks ago to show you how long it was.

It has been a real challenge brushing Sarah's hair out. She is so active, that by the end of the day, all of the bouncing, flipping and rolling around she has done turns her hair into quite the rats nest. 
So, Saturday, after brushing out a terrible mess, we decided it would be a lot easier if we took off 4-5 inches of Sarah's hair.

Here's a lock of evidence.

I'm sort of having a hard time with it.
I love it and think it is so cute,
but... I don't think I should have done such a drastic change while still surging with post-baby hormones.
There have been tears... lots of tears (hidden in my room so Sarah won't see, of course)
She is so darling though, it'll just take a little adjusting for mom.

We are both very excited about having less tangles.
Sarah really loves it.
Today at church she ran up to everyone and asked them how they liked her new hair.
She was so excited to show her friends.

Oh, I love this sweet, sweet girl.
Short hair 'n all.


(me) Ashes said...

Sooo cute! I love it! It's spunky:)

Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

It's cute! She looks so grown up! And at least she really likes it so you shouldn't be too worried.

Carolanne said...

It looks darling! I'd still classify it as "long". I always make major hair decisions in a fit of hormones. I'd never have the courage to go through with it otherwise!

Melissa said...

Adorable! Did you cut it yourself?

Lizzie said...

Thanks. Yes Melissa, I cut it myself. Crazy... I know!

Ashley said...

Liz, I'm pretty sure she could do anything to her hair and still look adorable. Not everyone can pull off anything...She is a lucky girl. ;) Just darling.