Thursday, February 23, 2012

Buds and Blues

As promised in my last post... here is a post full of pictures and minimal commentary.

One of my best friends out here had a baby 5 months before Zak. 
These two little guys are going to be best lil' buddies.

How could Zak resist a friend as cheerful as this (just like his momma).

Blue eyes?
I know, I know... it is a bit early to tell... they could still change, but Zak is teasing me with my favorite coloring combo. Dark hair and blue eyes. 

Here are a gazillion pictures... what do you think?
Will they be blue?

What do you think?
Do they have a chance of staying blue?

Oh, and I thought I'd share this cute thing I've noticed about the Zakster.
When he gets upset the way his face blotches up and the wrinkles make it look like he has an "x" across his face, with the center of the "x" on the bridge of his nose.
Can you see it?


Brooke said...

I will be TOTALLY JEALOUS if you end up with a dark hair/blue eyes kid! I always kept hoping for one, oh well. At least I have lil' Wimmy's blue eyes.

Ash said...

They look pretty blue to me, I think you just might get your wish:) I always wanted a lil red head with green eyes and that darn deb had her instead:( I got two more shots at getting one:) wouldn't it be nice if we got to order our kids from a catalog. I'd order a zak for sure! Oh and I can totally see the x!