Monday, February 27, 2012

Potty Progress

Just wanted to post a quick update on the potty training progress. 

Abby is doing great!

I was nervous about taking her to church yesterday.
We took her in panties with a pull up overtop.
Maybe it was because we were over prepared with lots of undies and outfits... but she stayed dry the whole time. She went potty for me when I asked her to, and then later she told me two different times that she had to go potty (only one time she actually did).
We figured she wouldn't tell the nursery workers she had to go, so I just took her to primary with me (which was a little distracting during singing time, but oh well).

We got home and she had one accident.
Right after she went #2 on the potty (I think that is why she wet herself before, getting ready for #2, and it felt different), that was the best, because cleaning up poopy undies is no fun!

She used the potty on her own and with promptings a couple of times after that. Then we headed to a friends house for a little party (partially to celebrate Ry's birthday). She had been doing so great we decided to brave going in panties (with no pull-up on top).
She stayed dry the WHOLE time. 
I thought for sure we'd have problems being distracted with friends, but she was amazing.
Way to go ABBY!!

This morning we had one accident at breakfast and then she has been great all day. 
She runs to her potty chair on her own and stayed dry while picking up Sarah from preschool.

There really has only been one frustrating day (the first day) and the rest has been great. Which is surprising to me, because I'm slightly sleep deprived and was worried I'd be lower on patience, but I've handled the frustrating moments great, so yay me!

I wouldn't say we are completely trained yet, Sarah's potty training experience is making my hopes hesitate, but we are well on our way. I'm so excited how great it has been going.

Oh, and I thought this was funny.
I drew Abby a little potty chart (copied Tina, thanks!).
It had three rows and at the end of each row was a reward.
First rows reward for going potty 4 times by herself was a sucker. Sarah was so excited for Abby to work for that sucker. Sarah even wanted to put the stickers on for Abby (she's kind of having a hard time with all of the attention Abby is getting). So Sarah made a potty chart for Zak. You know, for us to work on next week, after Abby was done. 

 Here are the two charts.

I love Zak's Chart.
She made it all on her own.
Looks like she wrote Zak and Potty on her own and then she must have looked at Abby's to see how to write chart. She even put the little presents on the end of each row. 
So cute.
I hasn't been so cute how Sarah keeps reminding me and Abby about suckers. Abby really doesn't care about the potty chart, or rewards. So if she doesn't care about getting a sucker and will go potty with out one, I don't want to remind her. Sarah can't seem to forget. *sigh* Silly big sister.

Anyway, it is fun to celebrate Abby's progress.
Love these mommy moments!

Oh... and I love these moments too...

The Zakster is learning to smile.
He is getting really good too. 

Unfortunately I can't get him to smile fully from behind my camera.

But here are my attempts.

I did get a little video of him smiling the other night (with really embarrassing commentary from me).
I'll try and get it posted today. 
Ya know... for the grandmas. 

Cross your fingers that Abby keeps up the great work!


Ash said...

Hooray! Potty trained is the best! I love once they get past diapers. Way cute of big sis Sarah:) X did the same thing to Fred when we were training him, he thought Fred was incapable of sticking stickers to a chart. Only, unlike Abby, Fred DID love getting his stickers and candy for going potty:)

Ash said...
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hotbutteredpopcorn said...

Way to go Abby (and mommy!!!) And I love those baby blue eyes of Zakster's--let's see if they stay:)

Tina said...

Sounds like Abby is well on her way! I'm glad the sticker chart idea helped you. Gage is the same as Sarah, very helpful and reminding Sam of the wonderful lollipop she gets. Every time she goes, he asks, "Does she get a lollipop now mom?". And the funny thing is, after I made the chart for Sam, he wanted a chart for his own self. Fun that we are in the same stages of life! I'm impressed with her writing capabilities! Very advanced compared to Gage.
And Zak is just adorable!