Saturday, October 31, 2009


Pumpkin Carving

Sarah hugging our rotting pumpkin. Yes, it was rotting. What a joke, I still was able to carve so that you couldn't see the mushy parts.

Ew...pumpkin guts! I tried to get Sarah to touch it but she kept telling me it was gross. Very cute!

Sarah was so insistent on "helping"... which as you all know makes things harder than it has to be. So Sarah and I would take turns and I would work like a mad woman when it was my turn so we could finish before the end of the year.

Sarah helping Daddy... he was much more patient than me.

Ariel and the Tombstone.
I didn't realize until after we were done and I set them out that someone could interpret this as meaning Ariel is DEAD... hope I didn't traumatize some cute kid to tears. She's alive and well, go watch your movie and you'll see. 

Ward Halloween Party

Yes, that is right, mascara. She felt like quite the little princess.

See, she is totally glowing.

Of course, and the drive to the church she fell asleep (the Ward party STARTED at 7pm, which is Sarah's new bedtime) and so she was a little cranky when we got there. When her friend wanted to play with other kids, and not her she burst into tears... and yes, we had mascara everywhere! She looked more like a Goth-Princess at that point. But thanks to the wonders of baby wipes we got her all cleaned up and she was soon running circles around tables with some other kids.

Ryan challenging Elder Russell to a donut eating contest...

...Ryan lost... it was close though, we all thought Ry was going to win and then out of no where Elder Russell was victorious!

They had about 5 rooms set up with various activities you could go to. It was a very well thought out and planned party. Props to the new activities committee.

Trick or Treating

My friend Tiffany and all of her neighbors were going Trick or Treating together and so we decided to tag along. I was in such a rush though (we got caught in a traffic jam and completely missed the pre trick or treating bash, I was bummed) that I didn't get a shot of Sarah & Abby together, OR of all the cute kids she went trick or treating with. Oh year.

Abby enjoying the nice weather.

This is about as much as we saw Sarah... she was a blur the whole night!

Yup, you can be jealous. Lots of houses were giving away FULL SIZED CANDY BARS!!! Woot Woot!

Abby chomping away at her toy... she is quite the chewer lately.

After we did a street with the gang we decided it was time to head back our direction. We stopped on the way home to get a couple more photo opportunities. Well that and then sweet old people would open their doors and call to us in a rather lonely tone, "Aren't you going to stop here and trick or treat?" How could we walk pass that. The same thing happened on the way to meet up with everyone, and we were like..."We're meeting up with others, we'll be back, we promise!" But some were insistent and we double dipped from them.

She got really good after watching all the other little kiddos.

Her haul. It really didn't feel like we hit that many houses. I am afraid for next year when Abby will have her own bag... she already got a few pieces this year just for being cute!

Well that was our Halloween! We enjoyed it, it is after all my FAVORITE holiday!



Gwendolyn said...

Those costumes are adorable!!! Very beautiful! I can't believe you got that many full size candy bars!!! Seriously!

Brooke said...

What! Ariel is dead?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!