Saturday, October 17, 2009

Triple B Farms

Ryan was feeling a little burnt out on school, so what better revival therapy than to go and freeze your tail off on a cold rainy day picking out Pumpkins! (I think the high was 37°, brrrrr!) :)

Sounds appealing right? Let me tell ya 'bout it!

We looked up online to find out where some good pumpkin patches or fall festivals and found

They are called "Triple B" because they grow throughout three berry seasons:
Strawberry, Raspberry and Blackberry.
But they also do other things like peaches, apples and PUMPKINS!!!

Throughout the Farm they had tons of fun things to climb through and play on.
Sarah was in Heaven...
well not at first.
If you'll notice in the picture below, Sarah is just in a light jacket...
is standing stiffly...
and not smiling (well the last one is no surprise...I was just happy to get her to look in my general direction)

She wouldn't even go down a fun slide, which she loves to do!

After walking into a warm building and realizing how cold it was, we decided to go to a near by store and find some gloves and a few more layers.

This is what we found...

Much better, a happy, warm Sarah. When we came back the second time Sarah was so happy to be warm and began running around instantly.
Well worth it! And I think the coat is pretty cute for just $10!!
(What she is wearing: two pairs of gloves, a beanie, coat, jacket, long sleeved shirt with camisole over it, pants, socks and shoes
(If I had them I would have doubled up on her socks too!)

Abby of course was snug in her carseat and stayed there the whole time!

They had this really cool tunnel slide that you rode down in a muddy potato sack!

Sarah loved it.

You could also pump water and have duck races.

Then came the BEST part!

The creepy, freaky stuffed costumes with pumpkin heads on top!!!
(I think I am going to have nightmares for weeks)

We laughed pretty hard, and had to take pictures to share!

"Mother Goose"

This is just to show you the field of them!

The Three Little Pigs
(check out the scary wolf on the roof...creeeepppyyyy!)

Goldie Locks & the Three Bears

The Little Mermaid
(and yes, I am wearing two zip-up hoodies and a was COLD)

Veggie Tales
(I did think this one was pretty cute...and we don't even watch the show)

Sarah's First (I think) Hay Ride

She was so excited!

Abby's First (I know) Hay Ride!

Sarah and Ry goofing off!

Saying Hi to the goats.

I didn't get a picture of it. But they had these pulley systems with cans tied onto them, and you could put food into the cans and pull them up and it would dump-out the food on top of a bridge, and then all of the goats would run up on top to eat it. It was pretty funny.
Of course we didn't have any quarters, so we just played with the rope, and then all the goats "meh"-ed at us with discontent!

The awesome Sling Shot!

Um...yeah, we didn't even come close to hitting the target!

Farmer Sarah

It got too rainy for us to get a family picture in front of the pumpkins...or even just of our pumpkins.
So here they are on our front porch.

A pumpkin for each of us!


Ryan Stephenson said...

It was a good day, despite us freezing our tails off. We also blew all too much money on fudge and pie in the store there. It was good stuff, though.

McReynolds Family said...

That looked like fun. We took the kids to Black Island Farms last year. The kids loved it! But it was too expensive this year, so we went to Pack Farms this year and just picked pumpkins. Check it out on my blog!

Brooke said...

Ha! I love the slides named after the Pittsburgh city tunnels! What a fun day -- makes me a little sad that we never did something like that when we lived there.