Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Foiled again!

Abby is becoming quite the little giggler...unfortunately I cannot seem to catch it on film to share. But I thought these foiled attempts were fun to watch.

Sarah tries so hard to be such a good big sister, but I still think it is hilarious how Sarah bangs the Baby against the couch right after tickling Abby!

I LOVE Sarah's fake laugh. Poor Abby, she is so patient with her spastic sissy.

She is such a sweetie. Awe! I love being a mommy.

Heaven forbid Mom try and get the baby to laugh on her own... Sarah always has to be there to help. I love my sweet Sarah.

Abby LOVES this toy, even if she is screaming her head off you pull it out and instantly she stops crying. She usually giggles at it... but for the camera... not a chance.


Ash said...

She's growing up way to fast Liz. :(

Gwendolyn said...

She IS a sweetie! I can't wait to see her (and YOU) in a few weeks!!