Friday, October 2, 2009

Pleasant Surprise

Ryan's Uncle Jared was in town (sort-of in town, about a 30 minute drive) for his Football team's game (they were playing University of West Virginia or is it West Virginia University, I don't know!) and so we drove out to visit him. He didn't realize he was so close to use until he landed in the Allegheney Airport (which is in the Pittsburgh Area). So it was even a fun surprise for him!

We didn't end up meeting up with him until like 9 o'clock at night, but we took him to Eat 'n Park and had fun chatting about life and family. He even treated us to our late night snack (Thanks again Jared!). It was fun to see family. It will probably be a rarity, so we'll savor every visitor we have.

Thanks again for the fun surprise!

Oh yes, and we are in the "its impossible to get me to look at the camera" stage!

Since it was so late Sarah was really on one. She kept crawling under the table and driving me nutty! I stuck the camera down there and took a picture
(notice the "oh no, mommy's going to strangle me" look - HA!)

My sweetie!


Chantele said...

Such cute girls! Kinley gets those "looks" as well when she knows she is being naughty. Little stinkers!:)

Brittany said...

I can't believe how much hair your little angel has! It shouldn't surprise me, since her big sis had a lot as a baby too. They are precious. I love the crayon cozy. How did you find time? I want to make one too!