Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Abby means Father's Joy

I fell in love with the name Abby before I knew its meaning, and once Ryan learned that it meant 'Father's Joy' Ryan did too. Sarah has very much been a 'Mommy's Girl' which sometimes can be hard on both Ryan and I, but Abby has been Daddy's little angel ever since she was born.

Lately if Abby has eaten, is tired and fussy, Ryan is the only one who can walk around and soothe her. When Ryan comes home from school and Abby sees him, her entire face lights up. And when Ryan is talking and Abby can't see him she looks all over until she spots him and then gets a huge grin on her face. She truly is her Father's Joy.

On Monday Evening, after Sarah was in bed Abby was bright-eyed and showed no signs of going to bed as early as her sister. So instead Ryan decided to play the guitar and sing to her. I should have captured some video, but I wasn't thinking. Here are some shots of the moment.

Oh and another update, I have yet to get good footage of this, but Abby can roll over! Can you believe it.
She is only 3 months!
I can't remember if that is early or not, but it sure feels early to me. She doesn't do it consistently, or probably not even on purpose yet but it has happened several times. The first time I was getting Sarah ready for bed and had Abby doing some tummy time. I helped Sarah put her clothes in the laundry and turned around to find Abby almost all the way rolled over and then she did it! She sure was surprised, probably as much as I was! Then on a another night she rolled from her tummy to her back six times in a roll.

I know she hasn't quite figured it out because if she gets really upset about her tummy time then she will just rub her face into the floor and cry, and suddenly forget her new trick (and this is what happens everytime the camera is close). But now she has even rolled from her back onto her tummy once! I am in trouble. Hopefully crawling isn't too close behind, I don't know what I'd do!


Gwendolyn said...

That is so cute!! She's getting so big!

Ryan Stephenson said...

It's good to have a daddy's girl. Now we're even.