Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Schedule Makeover!

Buh-Bye to naps! Yup, thats right. Sarah is done with naps. As you know from an earlier post, Sarah wasn't having an easy time going down for naps. In fact the only time I could get her to go down was between 2:30pm-4:00pm. So by the time she woke up it was time for dinner and then it was bedtime. Which just wasn't working.

Since we've stopped the naps Sarah goes to bed like a charm! I shoot for 7pm every night and she is usually out cold by 7:30pm! It is soooo nice! Ryan and I are loving it (that is when he is home to enjoy it with me). We are still having some cranky hours from about 5-6pm, but I am sure that will get better as we get more set in our routine.

Now just to makeover Abby's sleep schedule and we'll be good!


McReynolds Family said...

I had the same issue with Sam. If I let him sleep past 3 pm he would be up until midnight! So now if he needs a nap, the only way I can do it is packing both kids in the car and going for a drive. That isn't working well anymore, so it is bye bye naps Sam! The crankiness gets better. They have to adjust to the routine, then they usually replace the crankiness with playtime.