Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Becoming a Pittsburgher...

Well, I am one step closer to becoming a Pittburgher, I got my driver's license! Yay! It took three different trips to the DL Center to get it though. The first time Ryan and I went, they were closed for Labor day weekend (they closed the Saturday before the holiday). The second time Ryan and I drove all the way there (about a 20 minute drive) realized we need things like a birth certificate, proof or residency, etc. and had to go home and back to get all of the things (FYI: Pittsburgh is crazy about having a gazillion forms!) I unfortunately didn't have a copy of by Birth Certificate, so Ryan got his taken care of and I had to wait...

Until today! Well, I am actually waiting for my offical copy to come in the mail, but for right now I have a license that has TEMPORARY slashed across the front of it. I'd actually prefer to keep that way because it takes away from the fro of a hairdo I had for the day! (Its pretty bad, I wish the could have taken my picture the second time we went there, I had beautiful cute straight hair that day, why did I think I should do my hair curly, I don't know, the poor resolution shot makes me look haggard...well that and the fact that Sarah was done for the day and kept climbing on me...hehehe! Grrr!) But, oh well, life goes on!

Let me enlighten you on things that I am to do now that I am a Pennsylvania Driver:

I am to always go 10-20 miles over the speed limit. Especially when the speed limit is 25mph - I need to go at least 40mph.

When waiting at a light to turn left, once it turns green I get to go first... this is called a "Pittsburgh Left," give it a google, or look it up on Wikipedia.

When driving on Beechwood Blvd. I can expect it to intersect Monitor Ave. at THREE different locations (now that is just a taste of how crazy these roads are laid out).

When driving straight on a road, I will courteously yield to someone turning, say out of a parking lot.

I honk my horn not out of anger or notify someone of the bird (which I don't do anyway), but to let someone know, "Hey, I'm behind you, don't back up" or "Its my turn, I'm going now" or "Don't turn left its a one way street." Okay these are all reasons I've been honked at.

I am to flash my lights or wave my hand to let someone know they can go at a four way stop (which are at practically every intersection).

I can park the wrong way on practically any street. So it is very confusing to know which streets are one way, just by looking at how the cars are parked. In fact there is a road by our church that is one way and we drove the wrong way home the first couple of weeks because we couldn't tell (even our GPS has made a few mistakes).

And lastly, I am to be courteous at all times. Giving waves of appreciation. Nodding my head in thanks, and smiling to those crossing the street in front of me.

I love driving in Pittsburgh! It is a real adventure.


Gwendolyn said...

No angry "Utah drivers" huh?

Brooke said...

Pittsburgh is the only place I know where traffic jams happen because people are TOO POLITE. And the Pittsburgh Left has a Wikipedia entry?!? Awesome.

Brooke said...

This is from Brian.

I knew I was a Pittsburgh driver when I reflexively checked my watch whenever I wanted to turn righ on red.