Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Best

So we went to get Abby dressed and realized that she didn't have any warm dresses to wear (she is a little off season from Sarah's clothes). So we broke out these holiday dresses a little early. 
Ryan didn't have to twist my arm too hard. 

Awe man, if Ry was wearing a Red tie, and I had "done" my hair, this would have made a cute Christmas card photo!

Okay you other mothers in the world. Is this just me?

Every Sunday, or any time we all get ready to go somewhere together, I get the girls ready and by the time they're done there is no time for ME to get all dolled up. So I just throw something on and pull my hair back so we can be "on time."

Maybe I am the only one doomed with this problem.


Jasmine said...

nope, your not alone. I finally decided that I was going to get ready first and then the girls hair could wait to be done until I got a little me time to get ready and then I found that I had to do something quick with their hair, but it always turned out cute. BTW, that would still make a cute Christmas card. You should take a pic of yourself all dolled up and photoshop yourself in it. Just a suggestion. :)

Ashley Bennion said...

I am right there with you - I found that if I get up first before anyone else is even up and get ready we make it on time if not a little early to church! You always look great! Cute picture!

Momma Twitch said...

Just wait until you have 3 kids and yourself to dress! lol I have the same problem. :)

You and your family look GREAT! Cute dresses!

McReynolds Family said...

As you have probably guessed from the last three comments, you're definitely not alone! I have the same problem! You should totally put that on your Christmas card!

Lisa said...

My life to a T! One day when they fix their own hair we can start looking good again. Right!?

On a side note, Beckham deleted all of my contacts the other day so I no longer have your phone number :( Little Stinker!!! I wanted to tell you Zack got a call from UPMC and he'll be in Pittsburg in July. I'm totally coming to see you.

grandma stephenson said...

What a cute, adorable,and we better add handsome family. Adorable dresses! It's called being a good mom and your the best.

Brooke said...

One of the sad things about having a boy-girl-boy family is that you can't do the matching-outfits thing. William and Jeffrey aren't in the same size group . . . although I guess it wouldn't be too hard to find white shirts and khakis for both of 'em. Cute pics -- just photoshop that tie! (And your hair looks GREAT, stop beating yourself up.)