Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Straight-Jacket Method

When Abby is ready for a nap she will fuss anywhere but here. As soon as I swaddle her up and buckle her in so she can't unswaddle herself she falls asleep almost instantly. I kind of feel like a bad parent because it looks so mean. But she loves it... trust me I have tried just laying her swaddled everywhere else, but her swing or carseat are her preferred choice of rest.

And of course she loves having blankets on her face, which makes me paranoid that she won't be able to breath, but when I move the blankets... she wakes up!

If you look back on the "Good Morning Sunshine" blog you can see she was strapped in like this too. Silly girl, but I'll take what ever works!


Deb said...

June loved being swaddled too, she would not sleep otherwise. I got one of those "Swaddle Me" blankets and it was great because when she was big enough to bust out it held her in tight (because if she did bust out she would be unhappy and not sleep).

Brooke said...

Jeffrey wouldn't sleep anywhere except in his car seat until he was 8-9 months old. We'd have to rock him to sleep in the seat, then just put it (with him still inside) in the crib. Weird, but it was the ONLY WAY TO GET SLEEP.

McReynolds Family said...

Liz, you're not a bad parent. Swaddling is a proven technique for calming a fussy baby. Oh, so is swinging.