Monday, April 25, 2011

International Carnival

Every year a nearby University (Carnegie Melon) puts on a International Carnival. 
All of CMU's sororities and fraternities are ask to construct a booth in correlation with that years theme.

This year the theme was, "When I was your age"
 On the steps of the "Magic Tree House"

These booths are amazing. Almost all of them are multi-levels 
and have some little prize for the kiddos.

Like this red balloon that we got from the Winnie the Pooh booth.
 Very cute, except for the fact that it was a windy day, and these balloons kept blowing away.

Love the face Sarah is making in the Monopoly booth.

This was a Jurassic Park booth gone soft... I'm not sure what they were going for.

This was a really cool space one, don't know what the theme was, 
but check out the cute alien they gave out?

We got there on the first day the carnival started and not all of the booths were finished... we were really bummed that this amazing Toy Story one wasn't done. 
It was incredible looking. This picture doesn't do it justice. 
On the side they had huge scenes from the movie, it was very cool... 
but all of their hard work made them open it a little late.  

There were other booths like Scooby-Do, TMNT, I SPY, and Harry Potter.
So very fun. 

They also had carnival rides there... the same exact ones from the Fall Fest we went to last year. 
So we opted out on the pricey tickets. 

It was a blast! 
I'm so glad we went, I'm sure we'll be going every year from here on out. 
Thanks again Brooke for the heads up!