Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nauvoo: Day Two

Heres another day in Nauvoo (are you tired yet?)

Early that morning we headed over to the visitor's center to snag some tickets for a wagon ride 
(they're free, you just have to have a ticket to reserve your spot)
Sarah and Emery asked for matching hair, don't they look so cute!

It wasn't raining, but man it was cold. They gave us plenty of blankets to bundle up in, but it was still pretty cold. I wasn't too cold because I had Abby warming me up.
 They were so excited to be on our carriage ride.
 It was about an hour tour where we learned little stories about houses and the people of old Nauvoo.
About half way through the little ones asked if they could be done, and Joan's two little girls fell asleep. It was cold, but I really enjoyed it.

After a long day yesterday of look, but don't touch, we decided we better go to the Family Living Center and learn and do things that the pioneers did. It was perfect because Joan's mom, Sister Morgan was working there that day.  She told us about how the pioneers learned to make linen and wool clothes, bake bread, make candles and other household tasks. 

Here is Abby getting some hands on learning about wool.

Sampling the oven baked bread. Yum!

After we were done there and had some lunch we took a short drive to Carthage to visit the jail. 
 It was interesting to be there and hear the stories about how the prophet was at certain places at certain times, it is amazing to me to think of the courage Joseph Smith had. 

Sarah getting a little taste of what incarceration would be like.

It was another fun filled day.