Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter (with a ga-gillion pics)

Our Easter morning began with our usual trail of marshmallow bunnies leading to their easter baskets.
Abby was thrilled and kept shoving them all in her mouth.

Thanks to Target's after Christmas clearances (and the grandmas), Easter ended up being a little bigger than I had anticipated. Meh, who cares!
The girls were thrilled with their new "tree house"

Sarah was so excited about her chocolate bunny, 

but most of all about her new "bike" and well, I was pretty excited to give it to her.

Oh, this lil' munchkin at so much candy.

Look ma! Here is where the candy comes out!

Checking out the new play tent.

Sarah was so sweet to share and help Abby find the eggs down low.

But she had to work to get some of hers that were up high.

This one made me laugh, because we've had many discussions about how climbing up here is not allowed, so when she spotted it, she said, "Mommy, but I can't get it, I'm not allowed."
At least she is learning.

 These things are a hit too!
 They push a button and the lights turn on and spin.

The girls also got some adorable swimsuits that I'm so excited for. We are planning on doing swim lessons for Sarah and getting pool passes to the pool down the street this year. Can't wait for summer!
(even if it means I have to get in a swimsuit)

I was really excited to see the girls in their new Easter duds.
 Sweet and simple.
 Perfect for my two sweet little angels.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


Camille said...

CUTE pictures! It looks like an awesome Easter, and I am SO impressed you made the girls dresses! I really should be more crafty since I have all these girls. :)

hotbutteredpopcorn said...

Those dresses are just adorable. Lucky you that it was warm enough there to wear them!

Deb said...

Fun! That tree house tent is rad! I'm so excited to see those sugar bugs soon! :)

Ash said...

I want that tree house for my room! That thing is waaay cute! Good job on those dresses. When I was a kid my aunt Robin made me a St. Patricks dress every year for my birthday and I LOVED it! Homemade cloths are always cooler.
The Nauvoo trip looks like it was a a lot of fun. Really cute pics! I've always wanted to go there. What an adventure you've had away at Med school. Can't ever say you didn't live it up!:)

Karah said...

I love the marshmallow bunny trail - such a cute idea! And of course the dresses are adorable you've got some awesome skills there Liz :)

Joan said...

Those dresses are absolutely adorable! I love them!! You are so talented. I just got all caught up with your Nauvoo pictures and everything and I love it all! We are pretty awesome, aren't we?

Tina said...

Looks like a fabulous Easter! Those dresses are cute on the hanger, but ADORABLE on your girls!!! Love it!