Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cute New Blog

No, not another one by me. 

A cute friend that I go to church with started a super fun blog with her sisters. 

Its a fashion blog, sharing tips and secrets to style. They are so cute. I adore it and pretend that I too can be as cute and trendy as them. 
Anyway, it is really fun to follow and watch the advice they give to each other. 
Right now they are doing a challenge to get new looks through the thrift store. How fun!

Anyway, go check them out. They would love more followers. Plus, they are doing a giveaway for some cute shoes... they like giveaways... and followers, did I mention that already. 

Hope you check 'em out.
You'll love them.


Karla said...

"Thanks a lot, Liz" said sarcastically by my husband. Another really cute blog to follow - I think I've got an addiction problem.

styled by 3 said...

WOW!! So sweet of you, thank you for sharing this with your readers, you're the best and don't worry because you are so cute and stylish, so are your lucky girls, can I have them please?
tiffany aka tee

styled by 3 said...

how sweet of you to blog about us!! thank you so so much, seeing your post completely made my day- bless your heart!! muah!
p.s. your girls are absolutely to die for!!