Friday, September 3, 2010


Okay, I have to just vent about something that just happened 
(I've got a few seconds while dinner is heating up). 

**Warning... this is not nice Liz... so ignore this post if you want to***

So, Ryan and I are due to get new phones and we decided to go and check them out real quick. We parked fairly close to the store and so I decided to let the girls walk and get a little energy out, instead of taking the stroller. The sidewalks were NOT busy, but there were a few waves of people that passed every once in a while. Well, Ryan was ahead with Abby and I was waiting for Sarah to catch up. She was almost to me when a guy walked past her with a huge, hard cased laptop bag slung over his shoulder. Sarah doesn't exactly run straight, so she ran close to his side and he totally took her out with his bag. 
I barely turned and saw the whole thing. 

But get this. 
The jerk face hesitated for just a millisecond (IF that) and then... KEPT WALKING!!! 
Even after Sarah started to bawl!!! (which was pretty much instantaneously) 
I couldn't believe it, and was mad so I hollered, 
"Thanks for stopping to say you're sorry!" 
He yelled over his shoulder, "She ran into me!" 


I was furious! 
I should have ran over and kicked him in the shins (or between the legs), but I had to deal with my confused, crying child so I just yelled back, "SHE'S JUST A KID!" 
(Or something lame like that)

I'm still steaming. Am I wrong to be so furious? 
I know, I have no idea what his day was like, and she probably did run into his bag. 
But if I took out some little three year old, who started to cry immediately, I would have stopped to make sure she was okay. GRRRR!!! I am so angry. 
What a jerk face. 

I wish that people had license plates on the back of their head so I could call and report him!
Where was my gallant police officer that happened to be there and see the whole thing.
Or even eye-witness (there were quite a few) to step in and take action for me. 
Oh yeah, this is reality.  I don't live in a movie? Darn.

There. I'm done. 
Well sort of. But dinner is ready and if I burned it that would just complete my wonderful day!

PS - On the plus side I found a phone that I want. Now I just need to get it ordered. Yeah!


LauraD said...

Don't worry. You're a good mamma bear.

Gwendolyn said...

Oh Liz, your mean side is right down there with my semi-nice side. :)
I'd be mad too. It seems like people are so inconsiderate these days.

James and Talai Macfarlane said...

I agree that he was a jerk face and should have apologized because even if she did run into him, she is just a kid! You are such a good and protective mom - don't feel mean for being protective of your beautiful little girl =)

Camille said...

I would be mad too! Some people are just mean!

Ash said...

What a Wiener! If you ever see him again I say you kick him hard in the gonads and then take his lap top and throw it on the ground and stomp on it. YEAH! That'll teach him to mess with sweet little Sarah.
Really tho, what a jerk!! His mama must've never taught him manners. Hopefully the Carma Police catch up to him and make him fall off a cliff. :)

Ashley said...

Oh, I can't stand dumb people.