Friday, September 3, 2010

Sister Time

Abby is becoming more and more aware of what things big sister is doing and of course wants to do exactly what Sarah is doing. 
Here's Abby up on a chair with Sarah to watch her wash her hands. 
Abby also has to be there when we brush Sarah's teeth, and will no longer let us brush her teeth for her. 
She has to do it all. by. herself. Just like big sister. 

There have been moments here and there where I over hear them playing sweetly with one another. I am just loving it. I hope they become best friends and play well together. 

Here are the two of them pretending to play the piano like Daddy. 

and singing too!

If I can muster up the patience, I may start to try and teach her a little piano myself. 
We'll see... 


Tina said...

I love when my kids play the piano. They are so focused! You have cute kids Liz!