Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It is RADical days again. Which means free entrances into various Pittsburgh attractions... such as Phipps Conservatory

We went last year and were excited to go again. There was actually a rather large group of us that meet up together to go, but the crowds were so overwhelming that we just ended up going around on our own. I decided to forgo the stroller because I knew it was going to be crowded. Abby LOVED it! Me... not so much, she was one little busy body. Constantly running away from me, Sarah on the other hand was so well behaved. She is really getting better about listening and I was so grateful. I had my hands more than full with Abby. 

Anyway... on with the, pictures. 
WARNING: There aren't that many "good" pictures. Abby would book it at every turn, 
so I only had time to snap a photo here and there and not look to see how any turned out. Who cares though, right? 
This is a cool little pond. There is a set of controls for turning on sprayers, like out of the mouths of the fish in the water, you can see one stream hitting the buildings.

Abby taking a breather to look at the exhibit. 

Sarah posing for mom. :)

Whenever I would let go of Abby's hands she would run right for the dirt and rocks... ugh!

Say "Cheese!"

Abby loved the gargoyles. She would run up to them and say hi and give them quick hugs. 

They had this cool little hobbit house in a tree stump (not real) and Sarah loved playing in it... for. e.ver.
It was okay, because while she was in there Abby was...
Running back and forth on this little stone path...
and across this bridge. Over, and over, and over again. 

They had these long vines hanging down and they were very fragrant.
I had Sarah to go and smell them. 

We had a really good time. I'm glad that we went. 
Plenty of fun memories to cherish. 


Em said...

"long vines hanging down" - looks like fuschia.

Looks awesome, I'm pretty jealous because as you know, decent public gardens are pretty rare here in Utah. AND I MISS THEM.

I'm glad at least one of your kids behaved....

Jennifer said...

Sarah's hair is getting so long! Looks like a good day even if it was exhausting. :)

Deb said...

Looks like fun! The girls are adorable as usual. Wish June was there to burn off some energy with Abby!

Ash said...

I WANT YOU BACK IN UTAH RIGHT NOW!!! I see all these fun places you go and I think gosh dang it I wanna move to Pitts. But then I got to thinking, it's not Pitts it's you! You find all the fun places to go and I wanna explore the fun places of Utah so tell Ryan your sorry but your friend Ash needs your support more and that you must move back to Utah to show Ash a good time. :) The pics are beautiful! Good job!