Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thanks Daddy

Oh Daddy. we were so excited that you were able to come to the zoo with us. 
It was way more fun than when its just the girls. 

It made mom extra happy to only have to chase one kiddo around at a time. 

Sarah loved being able to show off all of her favorite climbing spots to you. 

It was great to have you see for yourself how sweet the girls can be to each other. 
Like when Sarah asked Abby if she wanted to hold her hand.
Wasn't it so cute to see them walk hand in hand?

We could hardly believe the cute little sea lion, and how he followed our fingers around in circles. 
Don't know if we could have explained how cute it was, so we were glad you were there too. 

Thanks for taking the girls into pet the goats. 
Abby was so excited,

and Sarah felt so special. 

We loved showing you our favorite parts of the zoo... like our friend Mr. Turtle. 

And our favorite the kangaroo yard. 

We loved how you ran around the kids kingdom with us, while mom took a breather. 
Even if half way through Abby needed a break and had to hang tight with mom,
and get smothered by the camera. 
But she didn't mind. 

Thanks for helping us build sand castles and get all sandy. 

Abby's favorite part was putting the dirt into the bucket for you. 

I hope you saw how happy I was to have you there. 
We didn't even have one melt down. 

Even after we learned that the carousel, our special Daddy-Daughter treat, was closed. 

But you made it all better by letting us play in the cars. 
Helping us in and out of each one, over and over again. 
We felt so big, and didn't even mind that they weren't moving. 

It was a wonderful day at the zoo. 
We hope you know how much we love you Daddy. 
We know that you work so hard to do well in school, 
we are so proud of you, 
and are grateful for the time that you set aside to spend with us. 

Love, Sarah, Abby and your Love. 


Gwendolyn said...

FUN!! Glad Ryan got to take a break and hang out with you guys. You are the cutest little family!

Deb said...

Wow, what an awesome zoo you have! Glad you guys had fun!

Ash said...

What a good dad those girls have! I'm lovin all your pics Liz! Especially the last 2. I always like when theres lots of bright colors. I STILL NEED TO HIT THE ZOO GOSH DANG IT!!! I'm needing some wild animal time. :)