Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Preschool Thanksgiving Celebration

I really love the preschool Sarah goes to. 
I had the hardest time make the decision which school to send her to, and I'm so glad I chose Arsenal.

The classroom is "closed" to parents and siblings (as most classrooms are). They do have an observation loft, so I can go and spy on the kids whenever, but I don't get to spend time in the classroom with Sarah.

So when the Fall & Thanksgiving Celebration came up today, I knew that Ryan, Abby and I all needed to go so that we could play with Sarah in her wonderful classroom. 

Here are Sarah and Abby enjoying some Banana Muffins that Sarah's preschool made for our breakfast. They were yummy, great job Sarah!

Abby of course went crazy in the dress up area.

Sarah had fun helping her sister in and out of various princess dresses.

I wish I would have taken more pictures of her classroom. It is set up so cute. There is a secret loft the kids can climb up into and read stories, or just lay down on the pillows. All of the toys are labeled and organized so the kids can learn how to read the words and how to clean up properly.

There are also oodles and oodles of art supplies. Sarah really wanted me to paint a picture with her, but they didn't have the paints out because of the younger siblings that were there (thank goodness!). So we used some markers and had fun making a fairy tale scene with a castle, dragon, princess and horse. 

Sarah had so much fun with us there. It was great to spend time together as a family and get to play in this wonderful classroom. 

Thanks Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Nesbitt for having us for breakfast!


Brittany said...

Their hair, as always, looks so cute. It looks like the perfect preschool! I wish Caleb's school had a secret spy loft, I would love to see how he acts when he's at school. :)

Brooke said...

The classroom is closed to parents "as most classrooms are"?? Not in my neck of the woods -- I'm always getting guilt-tripped for not spending enough time in the classroom. I guess that's the difference between Pittsburgh and SLC.

Cute pics, though -- looks like you had a great time!

Lizzie said...

Well, I guess there are a lot of schools that want more parents involvement, I guess I could volunteer in the classroom, but there really isn't a need with this style of preschool. Meh, I don't mind.

hotbutteredpopcorn said...

I was always required to volunteer. And I always wanted to observe without being observed--love that preschool. (The girls are precious!)

Aden and Jamie said...

Her teacher's name is Mrs Nesbitt?? Like on Toy Story? Love it. "Hello, I'm Mrs Nesbitt." How fun for Sarah to be in such a fun preschool. Does this mean she starts kindergarten next year? Scary!

Super B said...

What fun! You look adorable too!