Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lil' Seamstress

As many of you know, I'm working on some felt ornaments for an advent calendar in our home. It is based off of an advent calendar that my mother made when I was young and holds a great deal of sentimental value. What I didn't realize it held, was a lot of hard work and time. Those lil' ornaments take so much time to make! So every day and night I've been working on them trying to get them done so I can move onto something new. 

The only reason I'm getting caught up on the blog is because I am burnt out and needed some sort of distraction (other than facebook, pinterest and email...ha!)

Well, this lil' miss loves to sit by my side and "watch" me sew. I'm terrible, I get grouchy and tell her to go away and put on a show to distract her. But that doesn't always work. She was really interested in what I was doing. So I took the advice of my mother and friend and gave her some fabric and a needle.

She wanted to make an owl (the ornament I was working on at the time) but I knew that would be too difficult. So I drew and "S" in pencil on her fabric and let her go to town.

I never expected her to do so well. 
The only thing I did was tie a knot at the beginning of each letter, do one stitch and then when she was done I would tie off the letter. 

It is not perfect, but I am so impressed with how well she did on her first sewing attempt ever.
The back had knots and thread that wasn't pulled all the way up, but the front looks so good. 

Now she keeps bugging me to sew Abby's name on some fabric. I think I'm going to have to make a little sewing kit for this lil' miss for Christmas. She loves it!

Great Job Sarah!


Karla said...

Hobby Lobby has little sewing kits all decked out in fun colors with everything you need for like $5.

Brooke said...

Holy cow I am so impressed by Sarah! You should frame that embroidery. Such a precious girl!

Eleanor's gotten into sewing as well. She has a basket of felt that she cuts into animal shapes, sews together, and stuffs to make toys. The only downside is when she leaves little snippets of felt allllll over the place. (Which Katie then finds and stuffs in her mouth.)

hotbutteredpopcorn said...

I agree with Brooke, that should be framed! I used to love to make doll clothes when I was little....that was car travel entertainment in the olden days--just after the handcarts..... Wow, she did a fabulous job!

Aden and Jamie said...

Wow! I am sooo impressed!! Good job Sarah! She is going to love having this in years to come. She is definitely going to be just like her mom!

Melissa said...

So cute...she is quite the seamstress! In a few years she'll be making those ornaments for you!Can't wait to see the finished product of all your sewing.