Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No its not you...

Its the pictures. Almost all of these are blurry.
I love them anyway... and figured the G'mas won't mind them one bit.
(one day I'll have a camera that will do auto-focus with my 50mm lens...*sigh*)

Yes, the girls are in their jammies, I have no clue what time of day it is.
So maybe the blurriness is just an artistic portrayal of how I was feeling this day. Ha!

The little animals that the girls are playing with are from the most recent conference Ryan went to (we didn't go this time). They are a squishy foam (like a stress ball). The girls love them, especially Sarah. Unfortunately, the material isn't child-durable. The limbs and ears have all but torn off, super glue works awesome, but I don't know how many times I can super glue it before it is a solid mass of crusty, super glued foam. We'll find out I guess. 

Thanks for bringing back the perfect surprise from your trip Daddy!