Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sweet Sister

All I have to say is darn these pregnancy hormones.

I'm constantly being turned into an emotional blob, that melts into a puddle.

Like when reading about my sweet neice's baby blessing, and the loving and tender emotions surrounding her mother's love.

Or feeling so proud of another niece for performing so well in a piano recital...

Or from a call from a thoughtful sister or sister in law just to see how I'm feeling and keeping me company (on the phone) from a long day filled with just kids.

But lately, the most common recipe for an emotional Liz blob is my sweet, sweet Sarah.
She is becoming such a wonderful big sister and I love her so much, and am so proud of her. I tell her this often, but my heart aches for her to know how much I really mean the words I'm saying.

The other day we were eating some left over mac n' cheese and apples, and there was really only enough mac n' cheese for one good serving. I still split it into two bowls and hoped apples and whatever else I could rummage up would make up the difference. Both girls immediately scarfed down their bowls. Abby finished first and politely asked, "More mac n' cheese, please?" I told her how it was all gone, she looked to her sister who still had two or three bites left. Then Sarah, very slowly, snuck two fork fulls from her bowl into Abby's, "Look Abby! You have some more mac n' cheese."

 And that is where the tears come in. So sweet and loving. She was starving (probably more so than Abby, based on what she'd eaten earlier, or hadn't rather) but saw how sad Abby was feeling and did her best to help. Thank you Sarah for being so sweet and loving (don't know where it comes from), it makes me want to be a better mommy.

So... I stick to bogging myself down with ridiculous craft ideas and trying to maintain my ever cluttered home. Its the only way I'm going to survive the remainder of these crazy hormones.


hotbutteredpopcorn said...

You are such a lucky mommy. And a very good one. There is no secret about where Sarah has learned this kind of kindness.

hotbutteredpopcorn said...

I get teary knowing that my grown-up daughters are tender toward each other and have become such great friends.

Ash said...

Liz I love you! I love reading your blog and all the cute stories you share. That would've made me all teary eyed too and I'm not even prego!:) I agree with your rents it's because she learns from you:)