Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Nose by any other name would still...smell?

I don't know what has gotten into my girls. 

Last week Sarah brought home three beaded bracelets (made with pipe cleaner and plastic beads). Of course one of them had to break and spill beads all over. I wasn't too concerned because both Sarah and Abby have out grown the putting-things-in-their-mouth stage, so I had them find all they could see, and figured the rest would show up or get vacuumed up later. 
Well, I should have been worried about Abby and her obsession with putting things in her nose. She loves to pull fuzzies off of her blanket and sniff them up (weird, I know). Well, she was mindlessly watching a show and had a bead and *pop* up the nose she pushed it. She immediately started crying (and I quickly hung up on my mom) and went over to assess. The last thing I needed was to run her to the ER. Luckily Abby had a slight cold and her nose was... well, really lubricated. So I gently squeezed the bridge of her nose in a downward motion and we eventually got it out. *sigh* What a relief.

I really didn't think that story in of itself was enough to blog about (well maybe it would have been from the perspective of my mom who was on the phone while it happened)...
but in combination of what just happened... I had to.

So I was working on a project when all of the sudden I heard Sarah "blowing" her nose, and abruptly stopping and bursting into tears. Now Sarah is a drama queen, so I thought maybe whatever she blew out of her nose disturbed her. So I made my way upstairs to investigate. I found Sarah holding an apple with one hand and covering her nose with the other, bawling.

Me: "What's wrong Sarah?"
Sarah: "My nose hurts"
Me: "Why... wait, did you put something in your nose?"
Sarah: "A-huh" (yes)
Me: "What?!! What did you put in your nose? *looks at apple* Did you put apple in your nose?"
Sarah: *nods*
Me: "Sweetie, why on Earth did you put apple in your nose!!"
Sarah: "I was trying to taste it different"

I have no clue how or why she thought to try and eat some apple with her nose, but sure enough, there was a slightly larger than her nostril hole sized chunk of apple shoved up her nose. Luckily a pair of tweezers were able to pull it out (with a little help of Sarah blowing it out at the end).

So... we are on high alert at our house for objects of a nostril-stuffing size.
Heaven help me if I find Ryan with something stuck in his nose! I may lose it.


Maria said...

Liz, if something gets stuck up there that isn't quite as easy to squeeze out as the bead, try superglue on the end of a stick. Obviously you have to be extremely careful not to touch any skin, but it works.
Good luck and thanks for the laughs!

Deb said...

I catch Ryan with his finger in his nose all the time. ;) Those silly girls! I have to watch June like a hawk lately about putting things in her mouth and swallowing (like pennys and everything else lately). Hope your girls get over this nose phase soon and learn their lesson! Good luck!

Amber said...

I'm sorry, but having two little monkeys myself, all I could do was giggle. I know those moments of "seriously?!?" I love it - sorry they both had to try it, but hopefully now they will have learned their lessons. How are you and baby?

hotbutteredpopcorn said...

Hmmmm--is the Stephenson household getting nosey;)

Melissa said...

Oh goodness...reminds me of the time my brother put a dinosaur egg candy up his a gobstopper. Only the layers didn't slowly dissolve making it smaller so it would fall out...he ended up at the Dr's office! Glad you were able to retrieve both nostril stuffed items and avoid a trip to the Dr./ER

Aden and Jamie said...

Oh this gave me a good laugh this morning. Too funny that Sarah would stick an apple up there! Maybe you should stick something up your nose and then cry to the girls and make them pick it out. Maybe that will help them learn not to stick things up there....

Minharos said...

This reminds me of a story I read about a boy going into the ER because he had stuck a toy car wheel up his nose. The doctor took it out and they left, but then the dad came back in a few minutes later with the wheel stuck up HIS nose. He said he was just curious how his son had gotten the wheel stuck :)

Joan said...

That is too funny! I'm sorry, but it is. :) Morgan put a balloon up his nose once. It can be a scary thing!

Brittany said...

I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at what Sarah said about trying to taste it differently. She's hilarious!