Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Halloween Festivities (finally)

I know... November is already half way over... and I am just barely getting to Halloween. 
Sorry Grandmas (and whoever else happens to stop by)

Anyway. We had a little bit of craziness surrounding our Halloween. 

The Saturday before Ryan was invited by some of the Dorris Duke Fellows to go pick pumpkins at a pumpkin patch. Ryan always feels guilty because they are constantly inviting him to things, and he always declining the invitation (granted, most of them are to dinner at bars or happy hour... but still, he feels bad).

So this was something he could say yes to the family coming to. The only set back was that the farm was 45 minutes away, and they wanted to meet up at 2-3pm to pick pumpkins, and we had our ward trunk or treat that night at 5pm (which we had signed up to bring Chili to). 

So... we still decided to go, promising ourselves we'd only stay for half and hour and leave with plenty of time to get to the ward party. 

It was cold and rainy... so the only pictures I got were in the barn with the baby animals.

Sarah saying "hi" to Tic Tack the calf.

Abby said "hi" too.

Sarah petting the donkey.

Well as you can guess we didn't leave in time. We didn't even get a pumpkin. 
The girls did however get covered in mud and their boots and pants were soaked up to their thighs. 
Oh, and Abby was completely soaked because she fell over into a huge mud puddle. 
But, it was still fun getting to meet some of the other fellows and feeling somewhat social. 

So, we rushed home and threw our costumes on and got ready to go to the ward Trunk or Treating party.

Here are Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.
The Snow White costume (all but the cape) is courtesy of my mother and her amazing sewing skills.
I did the sleeping beauty one, and it definitely has its faults. haha 

Prince Phillip and Sleeping Beauty.
Oh Ryan, you are such a good sport. 
Thanks for taking on the roll of the sexiest Disney prince out there.  

The whole family.
 Yes, I don't match, but I thought it was a clever costume. 
I should have gotten a picture of my backside, but I was a magic 8 ball. 
On the back I had the blue triangle, and my answer was, "It's a Boy"

If you notice, Ryan and I have hurried looks on our faces. That is because we are about half an hour late and my friend (who didn't want to go in by herself) was waiting in the car for us to get there. 
We showed up just in time to catch all of the ward heading up for dinner, missed the trunk or treating by seconds. It really was sad. I felt so bad that I made my friend and her daughter miss it. 

But we enjoyed some chili and pie and then walked around and did cute Halloween games with the kiddos.
Sarah eating a cookie off of a string.

Yup... that is the end of the pictures. 

Halloween night was kind of crazy. 
It was cold and started raining about an hour before trick or treating began. 
This unfortunately made it miserable for the girls, Abby's cough kicked up and we had to banish her to the car, and Sarah's skirt was so long and got wet and heavy she didn't want to trick or treat anymore. So I walked around for a bit with my friend and her daughter and finally let Sarah just kick the skirt and then she had lots of fun hitting up the few houses by ours for candy. 

We ended up with far too many treats (of which the adults at home happily inspected) and lots of cute memories of our two princesses trick or treating. 

One cute thing about Abby's first real trick or treating experience is that every time she would get candy she would say, "Thank you much" first time we've heard her say this, and it was darling.

Till next year halloween!


Brooke said...

The 8-ball costume is definitely for the win. LOVE IT.

Aden and Jamie said...

Cute costumes.... yes even the one you made. You are so talented! The girls look so cute.