Friday, October 28, 2011

Sarah's First Field Trip

On the 26th of October Sarah got to take her first ever field trip with her preschool.
She was so excited!

I think one of the most exciting parts for her was riding on the bus.

I on the other hand, for got how bumpy it is to ride on the bus, was not comfortable at all for an 8 month pregnant lady. But it was worth it to see Sarah's excitement. 

Here she is with our bus we took.

The first thing we did was take a hay ride up to the pumpkin patch.
Sarah with her BFF Emery.

Here I am with Sarah, all ready for our hay ride to the pumpkin patch!
Along the way they stopped and told us a fun story about the Farmer and his Scarecrow, Stuffie. 
One morning the farmer came out to his pumpkin patch and saw that all of his pumpkins were painted green! He asked Stuffie the Scarecrow about it and he said that he thought the preschool kids would like green pumpkins, so he painted them green. 
The Farmer explained how the kids were expecting orange pumpkins for halloween, and so he sent Stuffie out to paint them all back to orange. 
Although, some of them he missed, so we may see a pumpkin or two that had green on them.

As we kept going there were Scarecrows along the way, every time we saw one we all had to yell,
 "Do not paint the pumpkins green,
Leave them orange for Halloween!"

The kiddos really thought this was fun to do.  

It had rained all night and morning and stopped hours before our field trip. So it was lots of fun squishing around in the mud to find our pumpkins. Sarah and I both got to pick one, and we had to pull them right off of the vine our selves.

Luckily they gave us bags to carry them in (which was great with the mud, and it was easier to carry)

Sarah in the pumpkin patch!

We all loaded back up into the tractor and headed the rest of the way through the farm.
The kids all got to go through a Candyland Corn Maze.

We then walked around where they had different nursery rhyme scenes set up and recited them all together.  

Here is Sarah's documented height.

We then learned how pumpkins grow.

Then the kiddos got to slide down this big slide to get to the next area.
(My friend Joan even went down with Emery, who was a little timid about the slide. What a good mom!)

The kids all got a handfull of dried corn to feed to the animals.

Sarah fed the goats, sheep and a big cow who used her long tongue to lick them out of your hand. Sarah thought that was pretty funny.

We all washed up (as best we could) had a snack and then loaded back onto the bus to head home. It was such a cute first field trip. I'm so lucky that Ryan was able to stay home with Abby so that I could go with Sarah! 

I love you SarBear. Thanks for letting your mama tag along on your first field trip!


Aden and Jamie said...

How fun! That looks like such a cute place to go. Too bad Abby couldn't sneak along too.

Joan said...

That was sure fun, wasn't it? Your pictures are amazing, by the way.

Sarah J. said...

She is adorable! How fun! Great pictures. I used to get called Sar-bear too! :)

Lamont Clark said...

Do you know the name of this place I remember it from when I was a kid I wanna take my nieces and nephews there soon