Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pittsburgh's National Aviary

 The past two years I missed going to the Aviary on RADical days. 
It is a pricey lil' place, so I was excited to remember this year, and go for free!
I met up with some friends and it was fun to get out of the house
(despite the cranky kids... what is the deal lately?)

Don't they look so cute...

Here is Sarah being an owl.
She loves to put her hands in her hoodie and pretend that she has wings. 

We've received a lot of rain lately and so the kids were excited to see the sun a bit and run around outside... or course they wanted to continue that running inside the extremely crammed aviary... but we made it in and out with out loosing track of them too many times (and by them I mean Abby)

Sarah loves owls, and so she requested a picture with her friends by it.

While we were waiting to enter an exhibit the girls had fun looking at the toucans and this funny little black bird (don't remember the name) that kept coming over to say hi to them.

Sarah in front of a Macaw. She has a new favorite shirt with a Macaw on it that she loves. She'll walk up to random people in the store and tell them about her purple Macaw shirt (when she is wearing it). I don't know where she learned to call it a Macaw, and not a parrot, but I think it is fun that she loves it so.

It was an exhausting fun lil' trip out with friends.
Next time, if I dare go on the overwhelming busy "free" day, I'll try to make sure the girls have had a full nights rest so that they will hopefully listen a little better, and not wear mommy out quite so much. 

Yay for free events!


Brooke said...

Whoa! The outside of the building looks so different! I guess they've remodeled since I moved away. Glad to see you're having so much fun!

Eric Westover said...

The one of Sarah being an owl cracked me up!

Melissa said...

What a fun outing. Love your little "owl" :-) Too cute!