Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fairy Garden to Sandbox

If you remember HERE last summer when my mom came to visit we made a small little fairy garden for the girls to play in. It was so cute and fun. I loved it.

The girls did too, well, they just loved to play with the figures and dig in the dirt. 
So I decided... maybe it'd be best to make a little sandbox instead.

We still call it our fairy garden, only now they seem to love it a little more.

The overhang on our front porch mostly covers this little spot, so when it rains the sand gets damp, perfect for making sand castle homes for our fairy friends.

I also trimmed back my huge beautiful azaleas. 
They were never quite the same since that first huge snow storm we had.
I like it, makes more room, and I can keep a better eye on my two lil' fairies.


Momma Twitch said...

Your girls are so sweet!! What a great little spot for them to play.

I wish you lived closer too!! You gotta move back to Utah and live in the south end of the valley. Then we could run, thrift, and craft together! How awesome would that be. It's been forever!

Eric Westover said...

Those are great photos. Looks like they're having a lot of fun.