Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thrift Store SCORE!

I grew up tagging along with my mother at various thrift stores. I loved it as a kid, we'd always work so hard to convince my mom to buy us things like half-working-typewriters, or some giant yard toy that we'd never get. Then we'd secretly score some new treasure in the toy department (probably an old MickyD toy for a dime) and think we were the luckiest kids on the planet. 

When our family finally moved to Utah every Wednesday my mother would take my Grandma around to the DI, Thrift Store on Base and then to Wendy's for lunch. It was such a lovely routine, and I thoroughly enjoyed any opportunity I had to tag along. 

So although some may find Thrift Store shopping gross and disgusting.
It will always be something I enjoy.

And how can you not? Especially when you find this lil' girls new favorite toy for $.95!!
Sarah has been obsessed with superheros lately.
She'll beg us to watch the old 1950s cartoons and sing the opening theme songs.
(I think Spiderman is her favorite to sing along with).

So on our latest thrifting expedition I was almost more excited to see superman waiting on the rack of cheap toys than Sarah was (although he is pretty rad with is one-two punching action).

We mostly scored some cheap kid games (that I'm sure we'll happily donate back when we move) that will be great for the lil' ones, and will sure to be a hit in primary (I'm the chorister). But for a dollar or two how could I pass up "Pop-up Pirate" or "The Oreo Matching Middles Game."

Oh, and I know that I mentioned it already.
But I'm really loving this sandpit.
It is the only thing keeping this little one out of the road and distracted for more than five minutes!
Now if I can only brave the heat long enough to let them play in it more.

Oh, and our Hostas are at their prime 
(except for the poor bottom leaves that our van drives over, sorry plants)
It is so nice to have big, beautiful, leafy plants to help keep the weeds out 
(unlike our neighbors side, who sadly mistook their hostas for weeds and whacked them all down... so sad)

Why is it I am finally feeling up to doing things... and summer is just about over?


Brooke said...

Heh. I bought the "Oreo Matching Middles" game from the thrift store when we lived in Pittsburgh, too! (Who knows, maybe you bought our old set, just sitting on the shelf for 3 years . . .)

William's getting into superheroes, too. How do you watch the old 1950s cartoons? On YouTube, or what?

Lizzie said...

Its possible. I'm surprised that all the Oreos have a match... we are missing one, but its no big deal.

We've been watching them on Netflix's Watch Instantly. They are starting to put all of the old school stuff on there (like Shera, awesome!). Just search for it.

Carolanne said...

Thrift stores are the best way to go for toys. A heavy once over with Lysol and they are like new, and you can't beat the price! I think it's so cute that girly little Sarah loves the superheros. Not that I can blame her. Saturday mornings were all about the X-men cartoon when I was a kid.

Ashley said...

Liz, you make me want to go thrifting right now! And your hostas (sp?) are so lovely.

Momma Twitch said...

Yay for thrifting! I have to admit though, even with all that I do, it does kinda gross me out with all the germs, but that's what my husband's handy dandy super duper hand sanitizer and wipes are for. :) Move back to Utah and I'll thrift with ya!!

Ash said...

Sarah is such a cool kid! X would love that girl! I always forget about the thrift store, maybe when you move back here you can teach me to be a thrift shopping maniac! I could use some education on finding stealer deals:)

Brittany said...

Sounds like you guys got some awesome treasures! I'm learning that kids don't care really how much the toy costs, or even how fancy it is. You just have to find the perfect one to match the personality. (I learned that after we were bombarded by annoying colorful plastic toys, and the kids chose to play with a piece of string.)

Super B said...

I love thrift stores. I got a ton of clothes for camping in Idaho for our little man (stuff to get dirty!) Every Wed. is a half off day too!
Love that Sarah loves superheroes too. Wish my little girl would be a little less girly. haha.