Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Curly Sue

So I had a little fun this past Sunday.
 I don't know why I got the crazy notion to pull out the curling iron, 
but doesn't her hair look so darling curly?
 What a cutie.

Sarah even let me throw a few curls into her hair.

Love these last two.

Right after taking these pictures I believe I melted into a puddle...
man, oh man it is hot and humid right now.


Deb said...

These pictures are SO cute! I love their hair! Was it hard to curl? Did they sit still? I might try to do this to June for mine and Ash's maternity photoshoot... But I'm scared I'll screw it up and burn her. Wish you lived closer to help me! Anyway, what adorable nieces I have!

Lizzie said...

For Abby's hair I had put some pink curlers in her wet hair to sleep in (if your photo shoot is in the afternoon I would just put them in a couple of hours before), but most of them had fallen out by morning. So there was a little curl, and then I just put on a show and she sat on my lap while I curled up the rest. It goes pretty quick.

I wish I was there too! Lil' June will look adorable. Can't wait to see how they turn out, when are you doing them?

Brooke said...

I'm way impressed you were able to curl hair without burning anybody! I have memories of being burned on the head with Mom's curling iron when I was like 5 or 6. Ow.

Aden and Jamie said...

So cute!! Abby is looking so grown up!

Deb said...

Great idea on the pink curlers, I'm surprised she left them in though, I don't know if June would let me do that. We're doing the photos on Monday night. I'm curling my hair though, so I bet by the time I'm done with that I'll be exhausted and probably just won't even care to do her hair too. :)