Thursday, August 11, 2011


So it is 9:30am... it really isn't that early (well it is for me). 
I've been up for two hours and it has seemed like for.e.ver!

So what am I doing to try and pass the time?
Edit silly {wanna-be-photographer} pictures.
Its not working... I still see that the minutes are passing too slow. 

Today we have my first (and only) ultrasound for baby #3.
We get to hopefully count ten fingers and toes and make sure that this little one 
is growing as he/she should be.
I'm nervous... is that weird?

I had a dream last night that I slept in until my appointment time (which in the dream was at 1:30pm) and missed my ultrasound. I was bummed.

I woke up just thinking about this little one.
I want to know what it is... with both Sarah and Abby we weren't able to tell during our ultrasound. Luckily with both there were reasons to have one more ultrasound, so we did eventually find out our lil' girls were coming.
I shouldn't care, I should just be happy to see it wiggle around and listen to it's quick lil' heartbeat. 
I guess knowing this will most likely be our only ultrasound is what is making me nervous.

Well, I should clean the bathroom, do laundry, find something to do to pass the time.
Hmm... the BBC Pride and Prejudice would take up most of that time... 
I could use a little Austen therapy to get my mind off of things.

Well, wish us luck, cross your fingers and pray that this little one spreads 'em... isn't bashful.


Patrick said...

Pretty picture! Uh...glad it went well today! :)

Patrick said...

Oh...haha, this is deb.