Monday, August 15, 2011


Sarah: "Daddy, I saw a funny picture of you when you had bracelets on your teeth." *giggles*
Bracelets, braces... same thing, right?

Sarah: Daddy, I'll be Mario and you can be the Weenie.
Ryan: You mean, Luigi?
Sarah: Op, yeah, Lu-een-gie

Sarah: Mommy, who gave me my white blankie?
Me: Your Aunt Brookie had it for Jeffrey and gave it to us when you were born.
Sarah: So when I give it a big hug, its like getting a hug from Brookie?
Me: *grinning* That is exactly right.

In Primary (8-7-11) they were talking about how our bodies are like temples,
and what we need to do to take care of them.
Sarah got to go up and pick a picture. Teacher: What's on the picture Sarah?
Sarah: It has fruit on it.
Teacher: Right, what does this have to do with our bodies being temples?
Sarah: We have to eat lots and lots of fruit so that our bellies don't get big and fat!

Ryan: So Sarah, who are your favorite friends to play with?
Sarah: Gabe & Savanna, Emery, Eva, Daddy's iPad, and Mom.
Ryan: Oh... don't I make the list?
(we thought this was hilarious,
one because Ryan's iPad was on there and not him,
and also that I made last pick in mentioning. Funny girlie)

Sarah is humming "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus"
while tying up her lil' doll to the bottom of a table leg.
"Sorry... you can't get out, you have to stay here for a while.
Bwah haha. You are my prisoner."
(I thought it was hilarious that she hummed for three or four minutes while she got her good and tied up.)


rmcgarydmd said...

LOL oh where do they come up with these things? Those are so cute and so much fun! I love it! I am so excited to hear you are expecting! And a boy! How fun! Congrats again! BTW how are you guys? How is Ryan doing with his research (he's doing that this year right?)

rmcgarydmd said...

(oh! I didn't realize I was logged in under Ryan, he he)

Sharcy and Jeremiah said...

I love the words little kids have fall from their mouths... words that are the absolute truth at that moment:)Fun memories :)

LauraD said...

HAHA I looove these! She is such a doll!