Monday, August 16, 2010

What I love about mornings

I love when the girls wake up and play quietly together. Sometimes Sarah will crawl in with Abby and read stories with her and play by her. It doesn't happen every morning, but I love it when it does  (although this morning she was "making music" banging a wand on a metal bowl).
(PS - yes... we stuck Abby's crib under the bunk bed... weird, but works)

Usually Sarah is up before Abby and plays in the hall with her toys, so when I go to get Abby she has her plug in mouth and blankie in arm. I take her out and she snuggles me a couple of times, checking after each hug for my reaction. Then we look at the alphabet poster on her wall. Every morning she pulls away to point to some animal. She loves it! (Thanks again Deb)

And then she clings by my side giving me loving looks every where I go. 

Oh, I adore those big blue eyes!

They make the mornings so much easier to bear for this night owl. 


Deb said...

I love that girl! I think it's awesome Eleanore and Sarah look so much a like and I think Abby and June look so much alike. They're adorable. I'm glad they still like the animal alphabet. And I love the crib under the bunk bed. :)