Monday, August 30, 2010


Today was Sarah's first day of Gymnastics... and boy was she excited to go. 

She came with me to get her signed up last Thursday and has been pestering me ever since, 
"Can we go to Nymnastics now?" 
Just look at how excited she is waiting for Miss Beth, her teacher to call her in.

Last night I let her try on her leotard to show the G'mas and G'pas on the webcam. 
Sarah was so excited she started practicing her somersaults and probably did well over a hundred. She has got that one down!

Here she is in her cute little class. 

The parents aren't aloud in the gym during class, which is good. I am sure Sarah will behave a lot better without mom by her side. The lobby has large glass windows so I can watch her cute little class the whole time. While talking to the other parents (or nannies rather) I learned that Miss Beth is by FAR the best teacher. What luck to pick her class time. 

Sarah did really well. Didn't always do exactly what she was asked, and did goof a little at times, but all in all I was really proud of how well she did on her first day. 

Way to go SARAH!!!

Now for some videos. Like I mention we are on the other side of glass so you can't hear the kids, just the other moms talking... so you can just mute it. Nothing is going on accept Abby crying toward the end. 

Here they are doing warm ups:

Here is Sarah doing one of the obstacle courses: