Sunday, August 29, 2010

Meeeechelle's Visit

We just love Michelle! She makes everything hilarious and the girls just adore her. 
It was an awesome visit and we did lots of fun things together. 

The day she got in we decided to take her to a one of a kind Pittsburgh restaurant. 
We've heard great things about the Primanti Brothers (famous for their trucker, meal in a sandwich... thats right, coleslaw and fries in your sandwich), and had never been their ourselves so we decided to give it a shot. 

Wasn't that great. 

But hey, now we can say we've been there. 
The next two days we tried to pack in the fun.

We went and toured the Cathedral of Learning. 

We parked on the wrong side, and had to push Abby up a hill to get to the entrance. 
We made Ryan do all the work. hehehe

Inside it was very cool, and Hogwarts-ish (?)

During construction of this building they asked for countries to donate money and in return they would decorate a room honoring that country. They are very fun to see. 
Surprisingly Sarah LOVED going around to all of the rooms. She played pretend school and in each class she ordered one of us to the front to teach the class while she sat in a desk/chair. 

Next we headed over to the 
Andy Warhol Museum. 

The girls had a little less patience for this tour, 
but we still enjoyed seeing weird and twisted art. 

We especially loved the Silver Cloud room... you aren't supposed to take pictures in the exhibits... so I snuck a quick (real quick) video of the room. The girls LOVED it!

The last day Michelle was in town we decided to drive out to 
Falling Water
designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. 
It was the perfect weather to be outside and touring. 
Michelle brought these petticoat skirts for the girls. Aren't they adorable?!! 
We put smiles on every person's face we walked past.
(So sorry, there are a lot of pictures). 
Abby LOVED her skirt. 
I had to change her diaper and she screamed until I put the skirt back on. 
Her cute little toddle just added to the little princess act. 
Cool tree.

Uh, lets try that again...

Oh, look how much she adores Michelle. 
Couldn't decide which I liked better. 

After we drove home we decided to ride the Mt. Washington Incline to see the skyline. 
Here we are riding up... Ryan's face cracks me up!
The view. 

Impossible to get a non-blurry picture... this is the best I got. 

Thanks for coming to visit us Michelle!
We love you so much and we're so spoiled by your fun visit. 
Sorry we got you hooked on the Hunger Games series... that forced you to stay up all night reading them.

We can't wait to see you in December!  


Brittany said...

Whew! You guys have been busy. That sure is a pretty skyline! And Ryan's face is so funny in that picture. I can't wait to see you guys at Christmas hopefully. Oh, and do you know where she got those petticoats? They are darling and I know Ashlyn would love one!

Deb said...

Cute pictures! Looks like fun....but who is Michelle? I know, I'm an idiot and I should know...but I forget. :) I can't believe you go to see Falling Watter, I'm SOO jealous! You went inside right? Love the little skirts, and Sarah is so cute in gymnastics!

Liz said...

Michelle is Ryan's half sister. His Birth mom's daughter, who we only got in touch with 3 years ago. She was at Abby's blessing, but there were probably several people there you didn't know, so you probably just thought it was another friend.

Liz said...

Oh and we didn't go inside... it was an extra $10 a person, and it was all booked for the day we went. Plus, you can't take kids in... so we weren't too bummed.

mom said...

I liked the photo with the brighter (natural) colored skirt. It is a great shot. Also loved the silhouetted one of Sarah in the Cathedral of Learning. Next time I come out we are going to Falling Water.

Deb said...

Next time I come we are going to Falling Watter too and we're going INSIDE and we're leaving the kids HOME! :)

Gwendolyn said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I LOVE their skirts, those are my favorite!

Ashley said...

Looks like sucha fun visit. You guys did so many fun things!! I love your girls in their tutu's.

Brooke said...

Heh. Brian and I always referred to the Cathedral of Learning as "Hogwarts." Make sure to visit again just after Thanksgiving -- all the Nationality classrooms have themed Christmas trees!