Sunday, August 15, 2010

The DC Trip

We left Thursday morning... which there was a torrential down pour of rain. It rained 2 1/2 inches in a 20 minute time frame (which is a lot!)... needless to say driving to DC was pretty crazy. Even with the wipers on full blast we could barely see! All of this rain caused...POWER OUTAGES... which included the temple. Ugh! So we headed right to the hotel, got settled, and then hit the pool. Sarah's FAVORITE part of the trip. I think she would live in a pool if we let her, so it was a very fun night. 

The next day we hit up the National Zoo. 
There are not very many zoos that have Panda Bears (in fact I think there are only three... Atlanta, San Diego, and National Zoo). So we were pretty excited to see the Pandas (Thanks Kung Fu Panda). 
They had just fed the panda's, so they were out eating.

Sarah called me over because she found "Panda Trees" aka Bamboo.
Obviously she was cooperative when I wanted to take pictures. 

Mules? Not really something I would expect to be at a zoo... but, whatever. 

Most of the time Abby stayed in the stroller munching on snacks. She really hasn't figured out what the zoo is about. When we got to exhibits where the animals were really moving around she got interested.
Like the turtles... they were swimming all over and Abby just squealed at them. 

I love this picture!

Watching the prairie dogs. 

We had perfect timing and got to see the Orangutans crossing to another exhibit. 
Very cool. 

 While we were watching them cross this is what Sarah was doing...
 making friends.
She has a gift at making instant friends. I know most kids do this easily... but Sarah does it all the time. 
Too cute not to snap a shot of. 

Ahhhh!!! A giant bee! Okay... we're dorks... or I am at least. 

We left an hour later than we had intended which was a blessing because when Ryan dropped me off at the temple it had only opened 45 minutes previously (there was flooding from the rain storm... and they had just barely gotten their power back). It was a good thing we stayed a little longer, otherwise we would have thought the temple was going to be closed the whole time we were there. Don't know if that makes sense... but I wanted to remember that little blessing. 

The next morning the girls and I went swimming while Ryan went to the temple and then we headed back home. It feels like we did so much more... but we really didn't. I am glad that the weather was nice while we were at the zoo... the rest of the time it was not so good... thus the lack of pictures. 

Anywho... It was a really wonderful {short} little vacation. I feel very blessed to live within driving distance of the temple. It was a great boost and I can't wait to go again.

PS - All of you who live close to the temple... I want to send out a little challenge. 
Go to the Temple this week.  
Do whatever it takes... but take advantage of being so close. 


Gwendolyn said...

Fun!! Rich and I really want to visit DC. Looks like you guys had fun, even though the preview picture lead me to believe otherwise... :)
Karter is the same way making friends. Everywhere we go, instantly. Zach takes a little longer but eventually does (usually with the help of Karter). But it's definitely a kid thing. And she's so dang cute, who wouldn't want to be her friend? Abby's too!!

Ashley Bennion said...

That is awesome - Brant and I learned to really appreciate being so close to temples when we moved to Panguitch - It would take us 8 hours for a temple trip and then who to watch the baby? Didnt' even occur to me to swap places - lol - We just went Friday - It is seriously such an uplift - Love your pics!!!

Deb said...

Looks like fun! I love the pics. Those monkeys crossing the lines are crazy looking. I love the picture of Sarah by the prairie dogs. Glad you guys made it to the Temple after all, you're so good for going alone! You're right, I've got sitters and a 5 minute drive, I need to take advantage!!

Em said...

It's been great, I've been able to go about twice a week since I've been back in Utah.... just trying to make up for only making it to the DC temple 3 times in the 4 years we were in Philly!!!

Aden and Jamie said...

I agree about the temple challenge... it wasn't until living here that I wish I had gone more in Utah when it was just a few minutes away. Now going to the temple is an all day affair. But we'll have one here in 2012! I love the monkey pic and am surprised they allow those ropes there in case one of them fell.... of course monkeys are probably too agile for that. Cute kids too!