Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mostly Abby

Sorry... this is mostly about Abby. 
What can I say... she actually sits still for a picture 
(or is at least trapped in her high-chair so she has no where to run to... bwah ha ha ha!!!!)

Anyway. With this current flea problem we are fighting (and hopefully winning)
I have been washing EVERYTHING!!! 

Unfortunately it has caused some losses. One of them being the bedding to a little bunk bed set that I had as a child. I was a little bummed... but I wanted to make new bedding anyway so it just gave me an excuse to do it sooner rather than later. 

Although this made me remember why I haven't been getting any craft therapy in lately...

What a little turkey!

Anyway... I don't have a before picture of the bedding. It fell apart in the wash...sad. 

But here is what I made. A little mattress pad with a matching pillow. 

Perfect for Sarah's twin dollies. 

I am planning on making little blankets with matching pillow cases... but it may be a while. I can't figure out a design that I like yet... *sigh* come on brain!

Subject change...

So Sarah is not a normal eater. I'm not complaining... she loves veggies (even raw) and will eat whatever Ryan and I are... even if it is spicy! But NOT Mac 'n Cheese... the classic childhood staple... and my child wouldn't eat it. I have, before, smothered it in ketchup and she ate some of it... but that is gross and I wasn't about to do that. I should just let it go, right? I mean it isn't like Mac 'n Cheese is healthy or even good for you. But lets be honest... I like it... and several time Sarah has gone to others homes and they made Mac 'n Cheese for the kiddos and Sarah wouldn't touch it. 

Well... problem solved. I don't know which was the cause to Sarah's change in taste...maybe it was that her little sister eats it.  Abby LOVES it. Or maybe it was the buttons I put in it (aka sliced up hot dogs). What ever the reason, she is converted! Problem solved. I never have to stress about what someone is going to serve my lil' Princess again. I just have to worry about whether or not she'll sit still long enough to consume any of it.  

Here are some pictures of Abby loving her Mac 'n Cheese. 

Oh I love that cutie-pa-tootie!

Sarah on the other hand has been out of the picture... well, I can't get her in the picture {frame. 
But here is one... just to prove that she is alive and well. 
Can I just say that the cheap-o ice pops that you buy at Wally's World are THE best!!! The have the most awesome flavors, pina colada, mango, green apple, as well as the regulars... the only bummer is that you can't really tell what flavors you've got until they are frozen.
Mmmmm...Yummy... I think I'm going to go have (another) one.

Oh! Did I mention that on top of our bug problem... the girls both got colds! I mean come on?!!! It is summer... we'll be in cold season full blown in a couple of months... I don't need an early whiff of it yet. 


Ash said...

Those popciciles are the best! I love them too. Your so talented making blankets and stuff. I NEED TO LEARN SEWING!!! Sorry about the flea mess, that'd be awful to deal with on top of everything else mommy hood demands.

Deb said...

Cute pictures. I love that cute bunk bed! Can't wait to see what you come up with as far as the bedding goes. You are super talented, so I'm expecting greatness. ;) June LOVES Mac N' Cheese too...I could feed it to her for every meal and she wouldn't mind.

Brooke said...

YOU think that putting ketchup on mac'n'cheese is GROSS? YOU? The woman who used to eat it on PANCAKES?!?

And hey, buttons! My kids love it when I put buttons in the macaroni, too.

mom said...

That bedding is SO much cuter than the original, don't be bummed. I always wanted to make new stuff----but seeing Abby reminded me of why I never got it done! Kudos to you.

Gwendolyn said...

Mmmm, mac n' cheese is still one of my favorites. Glad she likes it now. :)
Love the bedding!! Wish I had a girl and wish I could sew.