Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Girlie Girl

Abby is such a girlie-girl, she is so gentle and dainty. Sarah loves princesses and fairies too... but she also loves monsters, pirates and dragons, not nearly as girlie has her little sister. 

Here is Abby with some of her favorite toys. Jewelry, hair brushes, purses and dollies. She just loves them.
Check it out... already texting... man, am I in trouble!

 Abby turns anything into a bracelet. 

She'll toddle over to me and patiently wait for me to tell her how pretty her new accessory is. 

We're gonna have lots of fun my little girlie girl. 

Abby also loves to sing the fishy song. 

For those of you who don't know the song, it goes...
All of the fish are swimming in the water, 
swimming in the water, 
swimming in the water.
All of the fish are swimming in the water. 
Bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble - SPLASH!
Bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble - SPLASH!

It is one of her favorites (as for most nursery aged children). I'll try to get a video of her "singing" it with me, but for now, here are pictures of her bubble and splash.
She only know the bubble-splash part. 
Bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble...

It is cute, she'll randomly do it, even when I'm not singing the song. 


Brittany said...

Oh my, you are in trouble! She's just too dang cute. I think our girls would be best friends. Hopefully they'll have a chance to play together in December!

Aden and Jamie said...

You've got to love little girls! I love webcamming with my sister's little girls because they are so cute to watch. I wish we lived in the same state and I could meet abby.

Gwendolyn said...

Cute!! I love my boys but I sometimes wish I had a girlie girl. *sigh*

Ash said...

So freaking cute Liz! I want a girlie girl so I can smother her with Fairy stories. Please do post a pic of the fishy song. X loves that bath song you posted about. I don't remember how it went but in order to get him out of the bath I have to say "Stand Up! Xander jumps outta the tub" I know it's not how it went at all but hey it works. :)