Monday, February 24, 2014

Thank YOU Gift

So my parents come and are slaves to my children for a week and a half and when they leave they send US a thank you gift for letting them come stay?!!!

I seriously have the nicest parents ever.
I am so grateful for all that they did while they were here. And then they brightened our day after they were gone by sending these in the mail...

A Cars character for each of our kids.
Zak of course thinks they are all his.

But the girls are pretty patient with him.

We are getting quite the little collection of Cars characters (we have more that aren't pictured).
It is a must that Zak goes to bed with at least one car for each hand. He is so funny.

But he is not the only one really enjoying these cars.
Sarah is quite taken with Finn McMissile. 
She even started a book about him. Here is a page I stumbled across one night. It says, 
"Finn is a good spy. Finn looks cool. Finn is Fast. I like Finn. Good job Finn!"

Love how much Sarah loves writing, and how happy and positive she is. What a sweet girl!