Monday, February 24, 2014

G'ma & G'pa Newey's Visit

My poor parents got thoroughly gypped on their visit. A majority of the time they were here I was on the hospital and a good portion Ryan was away on residency interviews. 

But we did get to spend a little bit of time together before they left for home. They were so sweet to get up every morning and take the kids to school so I could sleep in. It was an amazing help just doing that, let alone all the other things they did. 

Mostly they let me do lots of this...

And have lots of time to just sit and enjoy this view...

What could be better?

My mom enjoying some good snuggle time. 

She also brought a cute little craft for us to do together. Who doesn't love a Valentine's bunting?!!

It was so amazing having my Dad there as well. He was so helpful. I don't know how we would have survived with out them both. He was on drop off/pick up duty for the girls. Plus, while they were here our washing machine broke and he found the problem, bought the part AND fixed it for us! I was so, so grateful for that!

We even braved a trip to our favorite Indian Restaurant. Udipi's Cafe. So yummy!

I was so sad after they left and realized how few photos I took. 
Guess all the mental pictures I took will have to suffice.