Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Preparing for Baby

Just wanted to remember some of the silly things we did to prepare for the new baby to come.

Shirts for the new big sisters and big brother.

Bribery for my nurses...

We did some small little presents for Emily to give to her new siblings at the hospital. Just to give them a reason to be happy that they came, and to distract them while they were hanging out at the hospital.

January 3rd
Here is the last pregnant selfie I took... okay it was one of a handful I took the whole pregnancy.

Here are the others... just for fun!

December 24th (38 weeks)

December 8th (36 weeks)

November 4th (31 weeks)

I look at these and think it is funny that people didn't know I was pregnant. 
Three days before I delivered I was talking to my neighbor outside and she asked if I was pregnant. She was shocked when I told her I was due that week. Ha!
I think there were people that didn't even know until they saw me carrying Emily around. So funny.