Monday, February 24, 2014

He's TWO!!

So it is a good thing this was only Zak's 2nd Birthday, because he was oblivious to the fact that we celebrated it almost a week late. Whoops!

You're TWO!! Crazy!

 I tried to get a picture perfect of him in the Birthday Crown...
 but these are what I got...
 and... I think I like them even better (especially the one with his eyes closed)

There is the amazing little bakery in Pittsburgh called Prantl's. They make these fantastic burnt almond tortes, my mom splurged and got one to celebrate Emily coming home from the hospital... and it also served as Zak's birthday cake (mom of the year, right here!)

Girls loved singing to Zak!
"Cha-cha-cha" parts and all. So fun!

Zak was a big fan of the cake.

Couldn't even get him to stop shoveling it in for a picture with G'ma & G'pa.

Then our usual "heavy, heavy hangover" present tradition.

Zak is in LOVE with Cars. 
So of course he got some more to add to his stash.

Even a drumset!

It is a favorite toy in the household now.

Some fun things I want to remember about Zak the Two Year Old. 

Zak is still quite the little snuggler. He almost smothers me sometimes, especially when he is tired. He will grab his fuzzy monkey blanket and "plug" and come over to me while rubbing his blanket under his nose. Stand on my feet, lean against my legs and lay his head in my lap, or he'll take the extra effort and climb up next to me and lay on my or lay his head on my arm. I love his snuggle time.

He has his own version of Peek-a-Boo. He covers his eyes and says, "Where'd he go?" And will wait there forever until you repeat it, and then uncovers his face with a beaming smile and yells, "There he is!!" Love the smile that comes afterwards.

Zak is becoming quite the little helper. He love to run and grab things for me, throw things in the garbage (or cups, and plates, or pretty much anything I ask him to take to the kitchen). He currently has to be the first one to Emily's side when she starts crying. He quickly finds her pacifier and crams it into her face. He is turning out to be a wonderful big brother. Love watching him give her loves and kisses.

Speaking of running, that is the way Zak gets around the house. Our house isn't that big, but he runs where ever he goes. And when he is not running he is jumping. This kiddo loves to jump! Especially when he is excited or his favorite song comes on during a dance party. 

He still loves Dancing... quite the little dancer. I need to get some good videos on here. 
Love my little dancing man!

I have played a little I love you game with all my kids. Where I slowly say.

As each kid has gotten to about his age they start yelling out "you" before I do.
Zak love this game and he will start saying it with all the family members names. Although, he doesn't enunciate very well yet, so it sounds more like,
.....Warwa (Sarah)
"Uh......Aw.......Ry (yep... doesn't say daddy)"
He is just barely starting to do it with Emily's name too... sounds more like Amalie. So cute!

Zak has mastered the squinty smile. It is the perfect balance of cheese and adorableness. He big half moon eyes become more like crescent moon shaped. It works perfect with his big toothy grin. I really need to get a good picture of it to share... it is sort of like this one.

Happy Birthday my BIG Two Year Old Guy!!