Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Siblings Meeting Emily

Abby Meeting Emily.
To say she was excited is definitely an understatement. She was by far the most excited to be having a little sister join the family. I see many dress up play and tea parties in the future for these two.

As long as I can keep her from smothering her before then. ;)

Sarah didn't act too excited while I was pregnant, but she made sure to let us know that she wanted her fair share of time to hold Emily.
In fact, she was to make sure everyone knew that she was a new big sister and wanted to even wear her "I'm a Big Sister" shirt everyday. 

Me and my Beautiful Girls!
*Tangent: I want my girls to aspire to be whatever they want to be. But I hope that I can be a good example of motherhood and can instill the importance and beauty that lies in motherhood. It truly is a special gift and blessing from Heavenly Father. I think this crazy world really underplays the importance in motherhood and what an important and full-time job it is. Okay... stepping of my soapbox. 

Zak... really, not too interested to meet Emily. 
But he was really excited about his toy. Can't win them all!

Our First Family picture!

Their Big Sibling Shirts.

Finally... a picture of Ryan snuggling his new baby girl!!
(I've been a bit of a hog!)

Consensus is... WE LOVE BABY EMILY!!
So lucky and blessed to have such a sweet baby in our family.