Thursday, May 6, 2010

In a Rut

So I am sort of stuck in a rut right now in life.

I'm sorry I am so boring. But I always find myself taking pictures in the same spot. 

I need to venture out. Here is some of the latests... in the same ole spots!

In the highchair...

Oh I just love snooty faces!

...and against the brick wall. 


Sarah still even does it!

Can I just say I LOVE dressing Abby in Purple/Lavendar! 
Not only is it my favorite color, but it just looks amazing on her. 


The bribe to stand against the wall while mommy tried to snap a cute picture. 

And yes Brooke, this is one of Ella's old outfits... and I love it too! I can remember Ella in it, feels like just last summer. Wait, was it?


Jamie Hirtle said...

I totally think you should become a photographer. You taking some great shots!

Liz said...

Awe *blushes* Thanks Jamis! I love taking pictures, but I still have WAY too many bad ones to be a photographer. I get like one good shot out of 50 or maybe 100!

Plus, I don't aperture, f-stops, etc. junk... still in auto.

Deb said...

Cute! Abby does look pretty in purple. June does the same snooty face all the time. I remember Sarah doing it a ton when she was little. Must be a Newey thing. :)

LauraD said...

In a rut or not you take some beautiful pictures of your gorgeous girls!!!

Annie Goodwin said...

Liz, I just want to squeeze their cheeks! So cute!