Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stevie Film Festival (continued)

Some of these are older, but I figured you still might enjoy them. :)

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Also, Let me know if you are able to see the whole picture. I know that I have made big, and it looks fine on my computer, but I have been to friend's blogs where part of their video is cut off. I'll try and fix it if I can. 

Abby pushing her toy around. She is much better at this now, but I thought it was so cute how she just looks and smiles on the camera... as if she was modeling it or something. Silly girl.

This was hilarious. I meant to post it right away... sorry.

This is a cool thing you can do at the Carnegie Science Works Center. A human Yo-Yo. Very fun, I wanted to try it, but I knew I would make a complete fool out of myself so I didn't bother.

I just loved how excited she was. Very happy girl.

This one shows a little better how good Abby is getting at standing up on her own.

Every night when we do our bedtime routine Ryan gives Sarah a horsey ride to that bathroom to brush her teeth. She loves it. Had to film some of the action while it was still a hit.

Oh and we were watching some dog event show thingy on TV, so that is why Sarah's eyes were glued to the TV. You know, where the dogs go through the obstacle courses and stuff. I love watching dog shows, call me a nerd!

Hope you enjoyed all the videos.


Ash said...

I loved that movie night! And tomorrow morning I'm getting on a plane to come see you because I WANT TO TRY THE HUMAN YOYO! We'll make fools of ourselves together. Why can't Utah have cool stuff like that. :(
I love that video of Abby standing! It's my favorite where their learning to walk.
I need to figure out the Youtube thing for my videos so they can be big and nice like yours.

Eric and Shelene said...

Those were fun videos. You have some cute kids.

Erin said...

The pictures show up fine on my screen, but the words run off to the right and left onto the decorative background page. I don't know if that was intentional or not.
I LOVE your blog and all your pictures by the way.

Liz said...

Thanks Erin, I'll have to fix that!

Brooke said...

Adorable videos, can't wait to show them to my kids. BTW, they keep begging to do another video chat with you. :-)

I miss the Carnegie Science Center!

mom said...

Good thing Sarah wasn't wearing spurs! Loved all the videos, so adorable.