Friday, May 21, 2010

Walks to the park are back!

And oh how happy that makes me!  Much better air at the park than in our stuff ole' house!

Sarah insists that she has to push Abby in the swings... and Abby adores it!

See... priceless!

Abby's look just shows how much she loves her big sister. 

Static hair is IN, haven't you heard?


Brooke said...

I miss the Bartlett playground. It's small enough to keep an eye on the kids, and there usually aren't any weirdos hanging around. (As opposed to the "dinosaur" playground near the Phipps, which has been home for many years to a guy who does Pilates on the playground in a muscle shirt, while reading the newspaper at the same time. He would keep a timer on his watch to tell him when to change poses. Very odd.